Can you relate to any of the following:  

  • ​You wake up in the morning and your first thought is, “I can’t wait to go to bed tonight.” 

  • You're juggling dishes, cooking, getting the kids dressed, and working! It doesn't matter how organised you are, you always feel behind.

  • You sit down for the 1 hour that was supposed to be all for yourself while your husband watched the kids so why are they bursting through the door screaming for mummy?  

  • This is your day! You have an important customer meeting you prepared for weeks! You are super excited until you get a phone call from school: The oldest one is sick and needs to be picked up!

  • You never have time to take a bath or go for a walk or do something for yourself or the rare chance you do have you spend feeling guilty about not doing the dishes, laundry, kids, etc   



What if, in just 5 minutes a day you could start to experience this instead... 

  • Wake up in the morning feeling energized & excited to start the day

  • Confidently & calmly handle challenges as they arise throughout the day without panicking, getting overwhelmed or snapping at the kids or your husband

  • Experience a new lightness, start dancing in the kitchen or singing in the car loud for no reason enjoying the music, enjoying a special private moment for YOURSELF!

  • Slip on that sexy black dress and love what you see in the mirror as you get ready for your long awaited date night with your husband.

  • Finally “have it all” - a sexy body, calm confidence, and the patience to show up for your children and be the role model that will influence their future.


Does it sound like a dream or something that sounds great, but isn’t realistic to you? 


If you’re thinking: “This sounds great, but I just don’t have the time or energy right now…”

This method is about implementing micro moments into your day to refocus, get some clarity and natural energy to support you to manage and reduce stress into your life! 

It is about giving you space to recharge and be energized!

All you need is 5 minutes a day! It could be while you wait for the kids to come out of school, in your bathroom while you get ready, between two meetings! 

5 minutes a day for the implementation instead of scrolling social media!

You know YOU WANT MORE from your life, your motherhood, your health.

YOU WANT IT ALL. Be a great mum, a loving and connected wife, a supportive daughter, funny sister, amazing friend, great employee, a successful entrepreneur… You name it!

You want to be healthy, energized, full of joy, balanced, self confidence. 

With my 5 minutes techniques a day program and the functional medicine health coaching approach, you can get your zest back, you can "have it all"! 


How can you achieve An AMAZING NEW NORMAL with the 5 minutes techniques a day program and the functional medicine health coaching?


It is a mind-body approach to your Health with very practical tools customized to your Lifestyle to change the way you live and feel in the long run.
Just 5 minutes a day.
It is more than just good nutrition and a fitness plan. 
You have a story, you have a past. You grew up and lived within a certain environment, had specific relationships with the people around you, some stress or not ! 
You build up your life with habits and routines, with your own coping mechanisms.
“No one is You and this is your Super Power” Diane Abernathy
With my  5-minute a day techniques program and the functional medicine health coaching approach, We tap into your SuperPower, Your Strengths!
We find 5-minute techniques fitting to You, What you like, What resonate with You, What can fit into your Life. I meet you where you are at.
You decide. It is Your life!
I guide you, empower you to implement practical tools into your life step by step, one success after the other.
Your 5-minute a day techniques become a routine. You built up on it towards a healthier, happier, more balanced YOU. 




“Your days are your life in miniature. What you do today create your future. The words you speak, the thoughts you think, the food you eat and the actions you take define your destiny. Small choices lead to giant consequences over time. There is no such thing as an unimportant day.” - Robin Sharma


- Are you ready to invest in yourself? 
- Are you ready to discover and unfold the beauty within you? 
- Are you ready to Use your SuperPowers to be a busy more balanced mum? 
- Are you looking forward to joining a program with positive side effects for you and your family?



  • The harmful health myths that are holding you back, plus tips you can implement in your everyday life, no matter how busy you are

  • Easy, healthy recipes with 5 ingredients or less that even the pickiest of eaters will love

  • How to sneak in fun & easy workouts while you're brushing your teeth, feeding the kids, or running to the store

  • Tap into your sleep so you can perform at high level the next day at work or at home

  • Simple breathing techniques which can bring you right into relaxation in the moment (these also work wonders to get the kids down at night)

  • ...and much more



See What Other Busy Women & Mums Are Saying About the 5-Minute A Day Techniques…




Deciding to work with Bénédicte has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To each session, she brings her kind heart and eagerness to tackle problems—always prepared with constructive questions and helpful feedback. In the beginning,


I sought her help because I needed to make some lifestyle changes regarding health and time management, and didn’t trust myself to follow through on these new commitments. Particularly helpful was the charting of short and long term goals. This helped me track progress, and inspired confidence and determination. Through our sessions I was able to learn new tricks for happiness and efficiency in everyday life, such as gratitude journaling.


I now feel less anxious about the future in general, and much more mentally organized. Things continue to improve for me as I set the right intentions and experience the joy of seeing them through.




I am a Franco-Australian working mum of three, Melbourne based and it is just incredible what a difference it makes once you are coached and especially WELL coached, not to say b well coached. 

It has given me a massive boost and my motivation has skyrocketed.


I also love how we are getting tips here and there (instead of large messages that we would be putting straight away in the too hard basket). The tips we receive feel light and achievable.


This health journey is an amazing & fascinating one and I love learning more every day thanks to our fabulously inspiring Béné.




Thanks for helping us make progress!









It’s been a fantastic experience working with Benedicte Siva!


So often you hear people talking about how important it is to sleep, how screens are bad for you and what foods you should be eating. It sounds great, but I switch off straight away because the advice isn’t practical and I can’t see any way I can make the raft of suggested changes in my own life.


This is completely different with Bene!


Bene’s friendly and practical approach breaks down all the myths and provides hints and tips you can genuinely follow and accommodate into your everyday life - no matter how busy you are, the routine of your life or the number of kids you have! She starts from a place of real understanding, listens, responds and has nurtured a really supportive community.


Bene’s calm, thoughtful and practical approach has guided me onto a healthier path and given me the confidence to continue on my own journey. Baby steps can lead to big changes!


Thank you Bene!







Here’s What You Get In The Program

  • Weekly Health and Wellness Tips so you can incorporate lifechanging habits that work with your busy schedule

And some other surprises along the way to empower you to unfold the beauty within you!



What you can work on and learn


This program is for you if

  • You are frustrated with what your life looks like right now but still motivated to do better & prioritize your health

  • You want to go beyond talking and start doing, one step at a time to create long lasting lifestyle changes

  • You are stuck, don’t know where to start and need guidance  

  • You need a community which understands your challenge and supports you along the way and celebrates the wins!

  • You are ready to change and put the work in

  • You are ready to step out of your comfort zone

  • You want to learn life changing tips for you and your family

  • You are ready to invest in your health 

  • You want to show up for yourself and become a role model for your children


This program is NOT for you if

  • You want a quick fix and to lose weight overnight  

  • You’re just looking for a nutritional plan & nothing else

  • You want someone else to do the work for you

  • You don’t see a connection between the mental, emotional and physical elements in your health journey




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